I'm John, and this is a brief story of my journey

Back in 2017 I was working for General Electric but I wanted to find a way to make money online so I could be less reliant on other people for my livelihood. 

I discovered ecommerce, specifically dropshipping. People were setting up websites and selling other brands stuff. It seemed too easy to be true but I gave it a shot. 

Fast forward to today and ecom store does multiple 7 figures in revenue every year and most of it without spending money on ads.
Since I was forced to learn SEO after I got banned from running ads on Google and Facebook, I got really good at driving organic traffic to my store and getting visitors to product pages. 
I now teach the whole process I still use today to drive traffic to my store. My course Ecom SEO Formula shows step by step how to apply the same strategy to your store.

So if you're strongly reliant on paid channels to get traffic, start an SEO strategy in within months you be getting your first of many organic sales.

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